Donna and Norbert's Fascinating
October 2007

The Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital in Norway set up a symposium on physical rehabilitation in the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank.   Donna and Leo were selected to represent Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation and the director of the symposium was very gracious in allowing Norbert to join Donna.  Please click on the Sunnaas link below.

So, this is how Donna and Norbert came to make a pilgrimage to the mideast.   Although the symposium was only for three days (two days in Bethlehem, one in Jerusalem) , they decided to remain at the Bethlehem Jacir Palace Hotel for several more days as a home base.   While there, Edmund Shehadeh, director of BASR (Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation) where the symposium was held was very helpful in supplying reliable taxi drivers for two day-trips to Israel and one day-trip to Ramallah as well as showing us some of Bethlehem and sharing his views on the political situation.   Donna and Norbert then spent one more day in Jerusalem before renting a car for a tour of the coast from Rosh HaNikra to Tel Aviv.

Sunnaas Rehabilitation
Rosh Hanrika, Haifa, Tel Aviv
Dead Sea, Masada, Galilee
Bethlehem, Ramala