May 2004

Gaudí was a nineteenth century architect whose work is the cachet of the city.  His residential buildings are scattered throughout the city and there is a park filled with his "sculptures".  A luxury turn-of-the-century apartment building designed by Antonio Gaudí is now a museum with a remarkable roof .   But his crowning achievement is the cathedral called Sagrada Familia.  This was begun in the 19th century and construction has continued to this very day...and will continue...yea, even unto the hereafter.  Donna was smitten by Gaudí's unusual designs, but Norbert smelled a bit of humbug in it.  Norbert believes that form should follow function and that Gaudí's work is gaudy.

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A Gaudí designed house

Gaudí museum, orignally an apartment house

Another house apartment house

Outside under construction

Rear of cathedral

Front of Sagrada Familia

Inside construction

Roof of Gaudí Museum

Sagrada Familia