December 2005

The following morning we were all off to Cuzco where, upon arriving in the early afternoon, we spent the rest of the day acclimating to the 11,600 foot altitude.  In the morning we were all off on what Koko , our guide, called the Inca Trail warmup , a tour through the Sacred Valley of the Incas along the Rio Urubamba with some challenging climbing of ruins.  It was quite do-able and it made us regret, for the moment, that the sprained ankle and ingrown toenail had forced us to pass up the Inca Trail.   That night we stayed at Ollantaytambo Lodge in the Sacred Valley. 

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Real indians

Striking views

Donna at petting zoo. It's a llama or alpaca or something.

Separated at birth? Proof of evolution?

Llamas are very fastidious and like to 'do it' always in the same place.

Koko giving instructions for the mini-trail.

Inevitable terraces

Moving right along

Just a little acrophobic.

Gringos at rest

Posing for the natives. What a role reversal!

This ruin is known about by very few persons.

On the road again. Guinea pig (cuy) farm.

Get the disk in the frog's mouth. Very deep game. Needs beer.

The last thing to climb.

The old man of the mountain. Held in awe by Incas.

Sacred rock. The Incas thought it worthwhile enough to drag it up the side of the mountain.