May 2004

After dropping Marie-Chantal off at the airport the next day, Monday, May 17,>D&N decided tovisit Segovia where they had gone on their first trip to Spain five years earlier.Segovia , as viewed from the parador where they were staying, (if you are using IE, let the cursor rest at the lower right corner to get a full-size picture) is not far from Madrid and must not be missed.  On the approach from Madrid rounding a bend in the road, you are faced with the astounding 2000 year old aqueduct .And, this is what is seen on the exit

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Roman aqueduct in background

Cathedral Cathedral

Incredible 2000 year old aqueduct

Little church

Watching Punch and Judy in Plaza Mayor

Not Punch and Judy but boy and alligator



What it looked like before we discovered it

Not Magic Kingdom

But some say it was the inspiration

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