May 2004

They still had two days before needing to be in Madrid for the opening on the evening of May 11.  They had no plans so they chose a place on the way south that looked interesting...the Monastery at Montserrat just west of Barcelona .  This is a well known tourist stop, but although they followed the signs, they still found themselves lost.  They asked directions from a woman who bade them follow her since she lived near the monastery.   This was her daily scenery

It was now four in the afternoon so they decided to return to ground level...unless, unless it would be possible to find lodgings there.  Mirabile dictu there was room at the inn...and on a Saturday fact, a room with a view of the courtyard and the mountains .    There is really not much to do at the monastery...many go there on true religious pilgrimages.    However the resident boys chorus performs every evening in the beautiful church. The date was May 8, Norbert's birthday, so they celebrated at the Monastery's restaurant along with some German pilgrims.

On Sunday morning  D&N were surprised to see a caravan of horse drawn carts filling up the plaza.  They were told that this was a tradition of residents in the neighborhood and that they met every Sunday to talk and sometimes to perform.     After a surprisingly good buffet breakfast, Donna suggested that they make the climb to the highest peak known as San Jeronimo .  This is what tourists them something to climb and they will do it.    If you fail to climb you will surely be subject to "What?    You did not climb the (whatever)?"     So, here is the  proof that they made it.

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Our Lady of Montserrat. Legend has it that she was originally white but turned black over years

Montserrat. Literally Saw Mountain.

The back way up.

View from our room

A marriage.

The famous Boy's choir.

Norbert's birthday dinner

To world peace!


They come every Sunday AM just to chat.

On the way up to the Peak of St. Jerome.

At the peak

Show me a mountain and I will show you a microwave transmission tower

St. Benedict

The 12 Apostles, each with their own method of death.