May 2004

Norbert had known Marie-Chantal Sabatier from when he had been living in Paris 30 years ago.  They had kept in contact and he had invited her to spend a few days with them.    They rented a car on Thursday and picked up Marie-Chantal at the airport.  They decided upon a modified road tour that started at Cuenca , which like so many other medieval towns is situated on the top of a steep hill .  It is noted for incredible views of the city and for the cathedral with its very own hunchback . The ancient inn at which they were staying had a restaurant where they had dinner.  One of the diners was an Englishman with whom Norbert started a conversation.    After telling us about his farm not far away, he suggested that we visit Albarracín.   They believed that they could make it the following day, but the map proved deceptive because the roads were slow and windy.    However, the reward was they passed through some breathtaking mountains and passes with rock formations and colors to rival any that they had ever seen.  They stopped overnight at Teruel, just short of their target.

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Donna and Marie Chantal Sabatier

Cuenca from the hill

Flowers. Just showing off camera versatility

The hunchbacktress of Cuenca Cathedral

Cathedral and plaza mayor