May 2004

With our French friend - Marie-Chantal. Albarracín was originally Moorish as its name implies, but came to its glory as a medieval walled city .  However the major wall was placed upon some hills which were the only easy access route to the town.  Of course, hills must be climbed…but in this case it was worth the effort.    The view was magnificent.  They then spent some time at La Ciudad Encantada, which might have been called StrangeRock City, before heading for Siguenza .  Marie-Chantal was very excited about going there because they would be stopping at the parador which had been a genuine castle.

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The wall

If it is there, we will climb it

The town from the top

Donna and Marie Chantal

Parador in Siguenza

We have always lived in the castle... At least for tonight