This was certainly the high point of the trip. The Incas place their settlements on mountain tops for security...and in this case for the astounding view. They routinely walk up hundreds of foot-high steps (rather steep considering their small stature) and build winding roads to be able to bring up rocks and supplies. On the way down in the bus, a young boy greeted us at each wind in the road having taken a stairway shortcut. A challenge for the tourist is to walk up the steps of Huaynapicchu to the peak where there is an Incan house.

This is OUR story and our pictures. If you want to see real pictures then visit Machu Picchu
Cuzco RR station The train - I must learn to focus Aguas Callientes - the mighty Arubama river Views from hotel
mini mercado The caliente agua of Aguas Calientes 6 AM at Machu Picchu
Breathtaking early morning view
Ohhhh Llama, Donna, Alpaca
Huaynapicchu in the background His name is Captain Norbert, the Peruvian explorer
Huaynapicchu - There is an Inca house atop it The sacred rock Some people think this looks like a condor
The winding road up the mountain This kid ran down from the top and met the bus. James, Eion, Koko celebrating successful completion.