December 2005

We left from Newark Airport on Christmas morning and that night we found ourselves at the Hotel Colonial in Lima. The following day, we took a Lima full day tour and that evening we met our tour-mates. The O'Keeffes, very Irish... Conor and Freda and their children Eoin, Grainne and Ciaran . The Brits, the boys from Bath who occasionally spoke a brand of English that we could understand...James and Nick.

The tour included an archeological museum of Rafael Larco Herrera, colonial Lima, the main plazas, catacombs and lunch at the renowned Mangos, a restaurant popular with tourists and locals. A feature of the museum was the erotic ceramic exhibit which showed that for the Incas life was not just dragging rocks up the sides of mountains. .

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Waiting for the tour to start. They are from Canada.

Pucllana dogs

Cathedral in plaza mayor

Security in plaza mayor

Buried bones

Famous 'Last Supper' with guinea pig in front of Jesus. Pizarro at bottom

The kissing statue

Lima beach

At ceramics museum

From the famous erotica room