December 2005

Well, it was not exactly the Amazon River but it was a tributary in the Amazon jungle.  We flew to Puerto Maldonado and took a four hour "canoe" trip up the Rio Madre de Dios to the Rio Tambopata arriving at the lodge at dusk .  After dinner we took our first walk listening to the music of the night creatures and inhaling the fragrance of jungle flora.  The group was up early in the morning for a trip further up the river and a trek through the wildest jungle .   In the afternoon Donna and Norbert visited a true jungle farm .  The main crops were bananas and corn, but they did not seem to be planted in any orderly fashion, but placed at random at the farmer's whim. 

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Busy wharf

Venerable explorer

We made it to the lodge by sunset

Explorers at the lodge

Bug found on nightwalk

More bug


On the way to deepest jungle

Jungle denizon


Explorer eating passion fruit


Leaf-cutter ants


Explorer with consort

Wild monkey

Farm in middle of jungle. Marķa is 73 years old

Banana trees are chopped down after bearing fruit

Jose, the farmer, age 84.

Lodge staff

Wild anteater

Donna and friend

Norbert and friend

James and Nick from Britain.

Peter and Katy Hess

The Tambopata Lodge residences

The Wallaces