We accompanied our friends to their start on the Inca Trail and returned to Cuzco to do our own sightseeing and spending part of a day on city tour. The Incas considered guinea pig, cuy, a delicacy and no trip to Cuzco could be considered complete without trying it.
6 AM. Group prepares for Inca Trail Porters carry 55 pounds and run
Dog does not go There they go... Here we stay Plaza mayor
Preparing for New Years Eve Plaza mayor cathedral The rival Jesuit church Parade of the Circumcision
Tipón, an Incan farm Tipón irrigation Condor Noemí, our great tour arranger and Cuzco advisor
Noemí found my lost little dictionary. I am forever grateful. Muchas Gracias Noemí. Our hotel had modern wiring. Start of City Tour of Sunrise Expeditions
Ruins at Sacsayhuaman, also known as Sexy Woman.
Enterprising photographer snapped this at beginning of tour and sold it to me at end. Market area
Police suggested that we leave before getting mugged One just MUST eat cuy, guinea pig. Note the head.